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The Bridge







He had a small scroll open in his hand. He put his right foot on the sea and his left foot on the land 3 and called out in a loud voice that sounded like the roar of lions.

Leg: Bridge

The angel put his right foot on the sea and his left foot on the land, making his legs the bridge that connects the sea and the land. Bridge in Korean is called 'da·ri' (다리). The word 'da·ri' also stands for the leg. The sea, the element water, corresponds with the mind, the color blue. The land stands for the body, the color red. Angels are the spirit that bridges the mind and body in the form of energy, which is the color yellow.


Omit zero from 10.2, and we are left with 12. Twelve on a clock is where the end meets the beginning, bridging the past to the future. It is the connecting point of the pair of opposites in the field of time. 

The twelfth letter in the alphabet is L. When the letter L is placed after the word SEA, the SEA becomes the SEAL. By bringing the word SEA and LAND together, we get three words separated and united by the letter L, the bridge.




The SEAL on a scroll not only keeps what it contains closed, prohibiting the unauthorized to look inside it, but it's also the binding agent that holds the circular document rolled; it is the sealing point of the circle. In addition, the encircling of the scroll is how the contents of the inner touch the outer, connecting what is written on the inside to what is to be manifest on the outside.



The word 'angel' comes from the Latin 'angelus,' meaning messenger. Angels are depicted as having wings because they are spiritual beings. They come to us via air in the form of inspiration, the breath. Once inside the person, it takes on a form of energy—the operative spirit that moves between body and mind as the intermediary bridge. The message can appear to us directly as a thought or image in our mind during waking hours or in dreams. God may also employ other individuals as a messenger to transmit his message. In the movie, The Pursuit of Happyness, Chris, a father who wants to do right by his son, tucks his 7-year-old boy to bed in a homeless shelter. In spite of a long day spent with his dad traveling on foot and bus, little Christopher tells his father, "You're a good papa." A few unassuming words sent by God through the son to sustain a man in dire straits.

Do not believe all who claim to have the Spirit, but test them to find out if the spirit they have comes from God.

But not all inspirations that come to us are from God. The angels with halo, a product of light, deliver us a message that illuminates. The messengers without the halo bring us confusion. The way you can discern the spirit of the message, whether it's from God or from elsewhere, is by observing the fruit it yields. It's easy to mistake the form for the content, but the real substance of the message takes time to manifest itself. What tastes sweet in your mouth can turn bitter in your stomach, and what tastes bitter in your mouth, in time, can nourish your personality to grow. To harvest the message sent from God, you must be completely honest with yourself so that you can rely on your judgment to discern the wheat from the chaff.





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